Daily Archives: Thursday, March 1, 2012

Volunteers shouldn’t be treated as second class citizens

On 13 February The Guardian’s Voluntary Sector Network published an article entitled “Celebrity supporters are more than just volunteers – they’re donors”.

The article, written by an unnamed ‘charity celebrity consultant’, argues that “to suggest a celebrity is simply a volunteer is to misunderstand celebrity support…this undervalues their worth”.  The authors continues: “If a solicitor offers to spend a weekend helping a charity clear a canal, then I’d consider them to be a volunteer. However, if that same solicitor gave the same amount of time to do legal work on behalf of the charity, then they have donated not just their time but their specialist expertise to provide a service that has a clear commercial value. Therefore I’d argue that in this example our solicitor is a donor in-kind”. Read more on Volunteers shouldn’t be treated as second class citizens…