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Top tips for influencing around volunteering

Last month I explored the issue of ‘onboarding‘ which one commentator defined as “the conscious process of bringing someone ‘on board’ through orientation, introductions, a bit of training, a few simple inaugural tasks to get started to help figure out how things work around here and assess how people work together.” My key point was… Read more »

Processes don’t work, people do

A new piece of jargon is slowly creeping into the language of volunteer management – onboarding. Thankfully it has nothing to do with water sports like wakeboarding or boogie boarding or water related torture method, waterboarding.

Is a change in leadership what we need?

This month’s blog post was prompted when I read an article about a recent report from fundraising think tank Rogare, part of Plymouth University’s Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy. The headline finding of the report was that fundraisers should be rewarded not for performance against short-term metrics such as income targets but longer term measures such… Read more »

Cost, value and austerity – the challenge for volunteer managers

As we start 2016 so we start a new year in the ‘age of austerity’. That inevitably means further cuts to public spending, cuts within volunteer involving organisations and reduced investment in volunteer management.

Volunteers in public services are needed whatever unions may believe

With the recent Autumn Statement from the government and a renewed focus on funding cuts and the consequences of austerity, the spotlight is inevitably going to shift towards the future of public services. Within this will surely be a debate about the role of volunteers in delivering public services.

Five lessons from volunteering

On 1st November I had the privilege of volunteering at the Adelaide Mini Maker Faire. The event showcased local maker culture and was the largest so far in Australia, with an estimated 5,100 visitors exploring the work of over 100 makers, from wood-turners to tinsmiths to 3D-printers to movie prop makers.

Beware of the robot volunteer managers

Last month the BBC spent some time focusing on the development of robots and artificial intelligence because, according to a study by researchers at Oxford University and Deloitte, about 35 per cent of jobs in the UK are at high risk of computerisation over the next 20 years.

When celebrities volunteer

August is silly season for news, both in the mainstream and our own sector. So it was perhaps no surprise to hear gossip column reports last month that singer Ed Sheeran is intending to take time out to volunteer in his local Sue Ryder charity shop. One volunteering body in Australia was quick to respond,… Read more »

Volunteers can help to plug the £4.6bn funding hole

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations recetly announced the findings of its review of the financial sustainability of the voluntary sector’s finances. The headline findings from the review is that the sector faces a £4.6bn projected shortfall in income by 2018/19.

The wrong metrics can harm your volunteer programme

Last month I wrote about ways you can tell if a chief executive really gets volunteering. One of the issues I highlighted was what leadership asks for by way of reporting data on a volunteer programme. I want to expand on this point. A while ago I heard a volunteer manager speak proudly that they had finally… Read more »