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By calling for diversity, we disregard existing volunteers

Certain groups of people are under-represented in formal volunteering. We all know that, right?

Quite rightly, we are often called upon to open up our organisations to these under-represented groups. We are challenged to broaden the diversity of our volunteer teams and to tackle any practical barriers to the engagement of a wide pool of volunteers. This could include paying expenses so that people aren’t financially disadvantaged through giving their time, or making adaptations to premises or ways of working to remove physical barriers to people getting involved.

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Volunteering: measuring what counts

During Volunteers’ Week last month an article appeared with the headline, Volunteers worth £500m to the NHS. To quote one of the opening lines:

The country’s healthcare system is being supported by 1.9 million volunteers, worth almost £500m to the NHS, according to a new study.

This prompted some discussion on the UKVPMs discussion group for volunteer managers. On one side of the debate were those who felt this headline helped to showcase the importance of volunteering to our society. On the other side were those who felt such headlines do more harm than good. Read more on Volunteering: measuring what counts…

A point of view on the Points of Light awards

You may have noticed a news story last month saying that the Prime Minister has announced the first recipients of the Points of Light awards. Never heard of them? Neither had I.

The awards are a new way for the government to recognise the contribution volunteers make to UK society. They add to the existing Big Society Awards, The Queens Award for Voluntary Service and the honours system, which includes the specific British Empire Medal for people who contribute to their communities. Read more on A point of view on the Points of Light awards…