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Volunteering: from the cradle to the grave

Last month saw the publication of the final report of the Commission on the Voluntary Sector & Ageing. The report is presented in an engaging way and runs to a mere thirteen pages – so there’s no excuse not to read it. In fact, it is essential reading for anyone who works in the voluntary sector… Read more »

Why volunteer management and brain surgery are alike

For five weeks before Christmas I had to change my work routine. I normally work from home, but I’d sold my house and the new place wasn’t ready until the 19 December. So, while living with my future in-laws, I’d rented an office in the volunteer-run local museum in Grantham.

Volunteering in 2015: the times they are a-changing

These two tweets summarised my reflections at the Westminster Briefing event looking at Volunteering in 2015. It was an interesting day with a good mix of speakers (including yours truly) who challenged, encouraged and debated with attendees on topics including impact measurement, social enterprise, local and national government policy, social media and the role of… Read more »

By calling for diversity, we disregard existing volunteers

Certain groups of people are under-represented in formal volunteering. We all know that, right? Quite rightly, we are often called upon to open up our organisations to these under-represented groups. We are challenged to broaden the diversity of our volunteer teams and to tackle any practical barriers to the engagement of a wide pool of… Read more »

Volunteering: measuring what counts

During Volunteers’ Week last month an article appeared with the headline, Volunteers worth £500m to the NHS. To quote one of the opening lines: “The country’s healthcare system is being supported by 1.9 million volunteers, worth almost £500m to the NHS, according to a new study.“ This prompted some discussion on the UKVPMs discussion group… Read more »

We use paper clips, not people

Every now and again I hear it or read it. It comes up in conversations and articles, sometimes from those who should know much better. I’ll even admit to having done it myself in the past. I’m referring to people saying they ‘use’ volunteers.  I mentioned this issue in passing last month but, as it… Read more »

Some research on volunteering may do more harm than good

There is a wonderful scene in an episode of Yes Prime Minister called The Ministerial Broadcast, where Sir Humphrey and Bernard Wooley are discussing Jim Hacker’s proposal for the reintroduction of National Service. Sir Humphrey demonstrates to Bernard how, by asking two different series of questions, he can get his junior colleague to both agree to and oppose national service…. Read more »

David Blunkett’s National Volunteer Programme leaves me cold

On 31st August, David Blunkett MP launched a report calling for the creation of a new National Volunteer Programme (NVP) as a response to the recent urban riots in the UK. You can access his proposals here. Such a programme of national community service for young people isn’t new. Mr Blunkett has made such suggestions in the past. Yet this… Read more »

We have to change the way we think about, engage and report on volunteers

There has been coverage in Third Sector recently of the Third Sector Research Centre’s findings about a civic core of volunteers. If you haven’t read it, here are some of the key points: – 31% of the population provide 87% of the volunteer hours – Just under 8% of the population provide almost 50% of… Read more »

Is microvolunteering a digital knight on a white charger?

Microvolunteering. It is the latest next big thing in volunteering. By giving just a few minutes of your time to complete an action, normally via mobile technology, you can change the world. Many advocates see microvolunteering as the digital knight on a white charger come to save the damsel in distress that is ‘traditional’ volunteering…. Read more »